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Coming to Steam 2025

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Become the master of seasons in this turn-based tactics roguelite deckbuilder.   

Control the ever-changing battlefield by unleashing the four seasons and utilize their terrain-altering effects to your advantage. Learn to create perfect synergies by building your unique deck and guide your three sorcerers to victory against unholy creatures. 


Power of Seasons 

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Unleash unique aspects innately present within the four seasons to form mighty synergetic combos necessary to defeat unrelenting enemies. Reclaim the dying world in a futile attempt to stop the spreading corruption. 


Change the Battlefield 

The battlefield is yours to control. Envoke the power of Mutatio by using different seasonal cards to alter the tiles beneath you and your enemies. Every card played will shift the tides of battle.   React to unforeseeable carnage as the enemy unleashes similar powers to cement your demise. 

Three Sorcerers, One Deck 

Only by sharing their powers can the sorcerers hope to undo the spreading corruption. Craft your deck carefully each run or try out zany experimental combinations to further increase the synergies between your three powerful characters. With every failed attempt you’ll grow stronger, unlock new card slots and gather more potent & complex cards.  

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