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"We are 4" @ Dreamhack 2019

After a long weekend Dreamhack 2019 is over again!

There at the IndieArenaBooth, we weren't only able to see a huge amount of new and upcoming indie games, but also showcase one of our own games "We are 4" which is currently in development.

„We Are 4“ is a virtual social meeting point for four players, with focus on small arcade-like multiplayer games and short gamerounds. The goal is, to bring 4 players together and give them about an 1 hour lasting gameplay session with multiple games.

The whole game will contain a minimum of 10 minigames, delivered as separate modules. The games will provide a variation from a simple experience for beginners in VR, to a more complex and challenging content for advanced VR gamers. All games will also have a variation of customizable game setting, so players can set up their own challenges. All games will also provide a single player game mode.

With a big amount of feedback for our first VR project, and after a good rest, we're back at our ByteRockers' Games base filled with lots of motivation and excitement for the future.

about DreamHack Leipzig

DreamHack Leipzig is a three-day gaming festival for the German-speaking countries. It features professional e-sports tournaments, the latest hardware and software from the DreamExpo and in the DreamStore, Germany's largest LAN party, cosplay, and stars and starlets of the e-sports community.

This year, access to the DreamExpo will be granted from the age of twelve years for the first time. We will continue to have an exclusive area for people over the age of 16, these contents are marked separately on our website.

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