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LiveScoreBerlin - Gaming Soundtracks by an Orchestra

We had the honor of receiving live soundtrack recordings by the phenomenal Filmorchester Babelsberg for both Beat Slayer and "Project Bonsai" as a part of #LiveScoreBerlin !🤯

9 indie studios in total had the unique opportunity to support their

soundtracks with an exceptional addition:

an orchestral piece played by the world-renowned Filmorchester Babelsberg!

One of these studios was us.

While waiting, we sat on a balcony and could listen to the performances of the other pieces and what can we say except: unbelievable!

As soon as they started playing goosebumps and sparking imagination were guaranteed!

Then it was our turn and after a short description of our game and the world it's taking place in, we went into the recording room.

I can assure you that hearing the soundtrack of your games being played by a freaking whole orchestra is STUNNING!

We can't wait to integrate these music pieces into Beat Slayer and "Project Bonsai"!

All of this was made possible by Markus Zierhofer and his Audiocreatures and we can't thank them enough for this!

Check out the other studios Twin Drums, Bitfall Studios GmbH, BAD Spiele Studio, grownarts, Elysium Game Studio, VISIONKEEPER Studio, Appeal Studios & Unnamable Arts, and see or more so hear, how they will use their respective tracks for the games.

If you want to read more about #LiveScoreBerlin you can do so in these two articles by GamesMartk and MusikWoche:



If you're interested in trying Beat Slayer for yourself, you can play the demo now on Steam:

We're happy about every wishlist on Steam as well and feel free to follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Until then, stay tuned.

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