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Insurmountable Community Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3 is finally here.

In this patch we once again tried to follow suggestions from the community (so you guys) to further improve Insurmountable. There are now Steam trading cards and rewards like profile backgrounds or emoticons that you can collect. (Further down you can see some examples) Additionally, this patch brings a few Quality of Life changes and UI improvements.

We would also like to mention that we are still working on Insurmountable and we are already working on the next patch.

Until then, we wish you a lot of fun with 1.3.

Here's the full list of changes in this patch:

  • added Community Items (Trading Cards, Profile Backgrounds,Emoticons)

  • Skills and Items can now be used during events

  • UI can be navigated with more shortcuts

  • Improved stability of UI animations and status bars

  • Improved & unified UI interactability status of HUD & Buttons

  • More precise hover information for skill buttons

  • Bugfixes for UI & UX navigation edge cases

  • Fixes for visual errors in some edge cases

To celebrate Gamescom and our newly released Community Patch 1.3, we currently have a 20% discount on Steam!

Profile Backgrounds:


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