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Insurmountable 2.0 is coming!

Greetings Mountaineers!

We - that is Daedalic Entertainment and ByteRockers Games - are beyond excited to announce that Insurmountable - the roguelike mountain-climbing adventure, is getting a massive 2.0 update that revamps, updates and expands on the base game to reach even greater heights!

Check out the 2.0 trailer:

Increasing the content and features of Insurmountable 1.0 (or 1.3 to be very precise) will also mean that we will increase the price of the game to accommodate the upcoming changes. This will happen on monday the 14th of march, so that until then, all of you who were still hesitant of getting the game have the brief opportunity to buy the game at its current price and still enjoy everything the 2.0 update will have to offer!

Insurmountable 2.0 will feature a completely new story, new side missions and new skills along with a staggering amount of balance changes and reworks on the familiar gameplay! Gone is the known structure of playersclimbing three mountains in a row for victory. In 2.0, we have completely redone how each individual run is handled.

In addition to the three main mountains, which are now called Main Missions, there will be 10-12 Side Missions per run that players can tackle. Each mission carries rewards that strengthen the climber for the whole run and you can go back to base after completing each of them. In this base players can get upgrades, choose their next mission and make preparations, as well as advance the brand new, reworked narrative.

Grab Insurmountable at its current price before the update while you still can (again: price change will be 14th of march) and familiarize yourself with the 1.0 - gameplay before the arrival of 2.0!

Insurmountable is currently available on Steam, with the 2.0 update going live on April 14th.

Good luck out there, mountaineers!

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