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Gamescom 2023 x Beat Slayer

In the time from August 23-27 the Gamescom 2023 took place in Cologne. Armed with Mia's axe, we were at the start of this year's Home of Indies with Beat Slayer.

And what can we say:

It was awesome!

We hit the show floor with a new version of Beat Slayer with new playable levels and new upgrades. And your feedback was fabulous. Thanks to everyone who came by and tried Beat Slayer. An additional big thank you goes to everyone who also wishlisted on Steam to see this little news here.

In addition to the game, we used a kill counter to count all the destroyed robots that were turned into scrap metal during the course of the trade show. Thus, no less than 50,000 bots were destroyed during the entire Gamescom.

We are very pleased that you enjoyed the gamescom demo so much. And for all those who were unfortunately not at the fair, do not worry. We are looking forward to presenting you a public demo here on Steam very soon. So be excited to fight through the stages to the beat of the music very soon. Until then, take a look at our gameplay teaser on Youtube to see the first scenes directly from the game.

Also, we're happy to receive any Wishlist here on Steam. Or follow us on Instagram or Twitter.

Till then, stay tuned!

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