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Coming 2024


Beat 'em to the beat!

Put on your headphones, feel the beat, step into the flow and survive. Beat Slayer is all about rhythm and fighting. Pick a crazy weapon like the flamethrowing axe and turn hordes of robots into scrap metal by creating your own symphony of destruction.

Get ready for a rhythmic rampage!

Beat Slayer is a roguelike hack n’ slay game like no other. Instead of just being in the background the music takes centre stage.
Join Mia, a badass music lover and crafty tinkerer, as she battles hordes of robots in a dystopian 80s inspired Berlin. There’s only one rule:

Stay on beat.

Every move you make has to match the rhythm of the soundtrack. Fail to do so and you’ll pay the price. No button mashing, no frantic inputs. Only smooth and skillful gameplay will lead to your victory.


Think you can’t handle the groove?

Don’t worry, you’ll get stronger with upgrades and weapons that you unlock as you progress. You’ll also develop a better sense of rhythm the more you play.

Fight in the hidden corners of Berlin, a city that has been taken over by robots and corrupted by evil forces. You’ll fight your way through various locations, from underground clubs to abandoned factories, each with its own vibe, challenges and tunes.

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