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Patch at the end of the Month!

Alright everyone we're back at working on the game again.

For the last week we've been evaluating all your feedback and what can we say? IT WAS A LOT!

Therefore, we can happily announce that there will be a patch at the end of the month.

The patch will (most likely) contain:

- Quality of Life Features ( movement changes, ui improvements, some text changes, ...)

- More Variation (more Events, new Items, a bit more variety in the map generation, and probably more skills)

- Bug Fixes

We hope this will make Insurmountable even more fun for you guys!

Just remember that game development takes some time, espacially as a small indie developer. We're putting all

our effort into it and do our bests to live up to your expactations!

Thanks again for all your feedback and for making the release of "Insurmountable" one we will never forget!

Oh and by the way, if you want to share your screenshots, best strategies or just your ideas with us and

other "Insurmountable" players you can join our Discord:

Looking forward to see you there :)

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