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GamesGround - Berlins neue Gamingmesse

Person playing Beat Slayer

Last weekend we joined several other indies at Berlin's newest gaming festival - GamesGround!

People wanting to play Beat Slayer

3 days dedicated to knowledge-sharing, mentorship opportunities, and hours of gaming fun have come to an end and we leave with many new unforgettable memories.

Our gaming seat had hardly a moment to rest since so many enthusiastic individuals were eager to test their sense of rhythm in Beat Slayer. 🎶

Panel about marketing indie games at GamesGround

A special highlight was our very own Maximilian Graustein participating in his first panel called "From AAA To Indie: Navigating The Marketing And PR Landscape." He shared valuable insights and expertise for those looking to navigate the challenging journey of indie game marketing.

The reception of Beat Slayer was nothing short of remarkable and we are genuinely grateful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive!

This year's GamesGround might be over, but we're already looking forward to next year's!

If you're interested in trying Beat Slayer for yourself, you can play the demo now on Steam:

We're happy about every wishlist on Steam as well and feel free to follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

Until then, stay tuned.

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