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Catch Me! 1.0 is OUT NOW!

Several new skins, new maps, new catch animations, emotes and events later the day has come! "Catch Me!" leaves early access and releases as a full game.

Since the beginning of early access, the game has grown to a size that we see fit for a full release title. We also change the price of the game from 4,99€ to 9,99€ to reflect all the additions that have been added and the work we’ve put into it. But of course there will be monthly sales. So nothing stands in the way of a wishlist entry. For you it's just a click, for us it's a huge support.

This has been the first time ever for us to tackle an early access title and all the difficulties that come with it. Over the last months our whole team put in a lot of effort to make the best game we possibly could and integrate all the feedback we've received from you and several other testings.

We've learnt many things about early access' and how to make it worthwhile for players and us as developers and also more about developing games as a whole.

All of us are proud of the game that we're fully releasing, but we have to say that we have hoped to receive more support than we've got. Sadly, we could not find a publisher to work with and therefore bearing all the costs of development ourselves would just be too big at this point to continue working on the game.

If the stars align and all of the sudden a publisher stumbles across Catch Me! or the game itself attracts several players, we might get back to working on the title. But until then we will use all of the new experiences for our next projects and are looking forward to work on our next title in the near future.

Get it now at:

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