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Early Access out now on Steam


Tag... but crazy, chaotic and funky.

Running, jumping, throwing strange stuff into your friends face!?

Catch Me! is a competetive online platformer for 4 players and the most action loaded game of tag you have ever played with your friends. Use interactables to change the world. Close windows to stop your chasers, open up a new escape route or simply stun pursuers. 
Whether it's in the USA, Europe, Asia or even the middle east a game of Tag can start anywhere and at all times. Use the whole world as your playground and discover in a new way why "Tag" excited you so much as a child.  

One player at a time has the goal to earn points by reaching certain locations on the map without being catched. The other players are the chasers and try to catch the runner. If they do they become the runner. Simple but fun and as fast as it can be.

Jump through windows, climb onto house roofs or ferris wheels or even surf on a subway. Each level plays like a racetrack in a racing game – absolutely unique! 

During the Early Access Phase you get a brand new level EVERY MONTH!

Compete against others online to see who has the best scores at the end. Design your very own runner with the help of skins, emojis or animations and show that you are the fastest and best "tag player" in the world.  EVERY TWO WEEKS you get new graphic content, so it's always: the skill decides, but the style wins. ​

  • Online fun for 4 Players

  • 4 Maps inspired by Cities around the World (more every month)

  • Many different chaotic Interactibles

  • Diverse Characters each with different Skins

  • Unique Art style

  • Funky Soundtrack

  • Fast Gameplay

  • Easy to learn, hard to master

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