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ByterRockers' Games
Based in Berlin, Germany

Release date:
July 28th , 2022



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"Catch Me!" is a competitive online platformer for up to 4 players and the most action-packed game of tag you'll ever play with your friends. Whether it's the USA, Europe, Asia or the Middle East, you can start a round of tag anywhere, anytime! Use objects in the environment to change the world, close windows to stop chasers, create brand new escape routes, or if anything else fails, stun your chasers!

The runner's goal is to collect as many points as possible by reaching certain places on the map without getting caught. The three chasers must catch the runner - whoever succeeds first becomes the runner himself. The gameplay is easy to learn and gives a unique sense of speed, certain parallels to a racing game cannot be denied. Jump through windows, climb on rooftops or ferris wheels, and surf on a subway. To escape from the chasers, all tricks are possible. Each game of "Catch Me!" feels absolutely unique.

During the Early Access phase you can look forward to brand new content like new characters, maps and features EVERY MONTH!

Compete online against other players and prove that you can reach the best score of all at the end! Customize your character with skins, emojis or catch-effects and show that you are the fastest and best runner in the world. Look forward to future leaderboards, challenges and more customization options.

Key Features:

●Online fun for 4 players

●4 maps inspired by cities around the world (more coming soon)

●Many different chaotic Interactables

●Diverse characters each with different skins

●Unique art style

●Funky soundtracks

●Fast skill-based gameplay

●Easy to learn, hard to master


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