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Available through Skidos


Honey Run was one of our first "one tap" mobile games. In this site scroller you help the little bear by tapping on the screen through a lovingly designed jump & run world. Jump over various obstacles, dodge the bees and collect the delicious honey.  

A few years ago, the Scandinavian company SKIDOS approached us for a cooperation. As part of this cooperation, Smartbear Boo was created.


Smart Bear Boo is a fun math game where you jump, run and guide the little bear through exciting levels while practicing math and coding. 

The common idea is that every time you "die" in the original game, you have to solve a math problem to continue playing. This loosens up an actual sirious game with the "pure" fun of Honey Run. SKIDOS now supplies hundreds of teaching institutions with this kind of games in teaching institutions in Scandinavia and all over Europe. 

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