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Polaris - The great convention in the North

Last weekend we attended the Polaris convention in Hamburg!

Not only is this probably our 10th time showing off "Beat Slayer" this year, but also the second time that we've attended this great convention with one of our games.

We are still overwhelmed by the passionate response from the gaming community and by all the players, who said: "I'm definitely gonna buy this game as soon as it releases!"

Especially, the now proud owner of our convention TV, that we gave away as a special prize for destroying the 25000th robot in the demo is very excited for the release 😉

But it wasn't just amazing games - the cosplayers stole the show! 🌟 The creativity and dedication they put into their costumes were truly impressive. From superheroes to anime antagonists, there were no limits. And all of this paid off, when all of them together earned the world record for most gaming-based cosplays in one place. Congrats to Super Crowd GmbH and all the attendees for pulling this off!

We're grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many talented individuals and look forward to showing you more of "Beat Slayer" soon.

If you're interested in trying the game for yourself, you can play the demo now on Steam:

Ansonsten freuen wir uns über jeden Wishlist auf Steam und folgt uns gerne auf Instagram und Twitter.

Bis dahin, stay tuned!

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