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Gravity Lane 981 @ Gamescom 2019

And there it is again so far .... GAMESCOM !!!!

Of course, we were again this year as an indie developer in the newly created Indie Village, right next to the well-known Indie Arena Booth.

This time around, we decided to show you our newest project "Gravity Lane 981". Just four months we worked on the game for six of us and still wanted to hear your opinions as early as possible. Are we on the right track? Did we take over? Do you find that, what you see in the end bad? We wanted to find out all that and we can say that we succeeded!

Thank you for the rich feedback and all the praise! We are very happy that you have a fun puzzle game ala Portal feel like and that you like the style of the game.

We will be at the MAG in Erfurt and at the EGX in Berlin this year. So if you want to lend a hand and want to stand one time on a wall, you're very welcome to visit us at our booth!

About Gamescom

The gamescom was again the highlight for all gamers in 2019! Numerous events and congresses brought together gaming enthusiasts from all over the world. 210,000 square meters of space, 1150 exhibitors from more than 50 countries, several hundred thousand visitors: that's the Cologne Gamescom. Between cosplayers' meetings, YouTuber autograph sessions and e-sports tournaments hundreds of new games will be presented at this year's largest video game show in the world. The spectrum ranges from the shark action game "Maneater" to the virtual reality sequel to "And Groundhog Day".

UPDATE, so you can see how we've set up that beautiful Booth of ours and to give you some impressions of MAG in Erfurt 2019:

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