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ByteRockers' Games X Spaceflowers

🚨BIG Announcement🚨

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with the talented developers at Spaceflower ! Together we will take the innovative game "Let Them Trade" to a new level. 🌟

"Let Them Trade" is a peaceful city-building and resource management game set in a vibrant, lovingly designed wooden board game world. The player must carefully balance supply and demand and levy taxes to influence the economy in real time. Build a network of cities and develop a vibrant empire of merchants, knights and thieves, each with their own conflicting needs and desires.

Key Features:

  • Tabletop world of living wooden cities and inhabitants.

  • Independent cities, knights, and bandits, each with their own conflicting needs and wants.

  • Simulated Economy: Independent budgets for cities, physically simulated resources, dynamic market prices through supply and demand.

  • Non-linear campaign of progressively more difficult scenarios presented on a world map, where players must complete challenges and build up various areas of the kingdom.

  • No warfare, but bandits and fussy cities will keep the player busy.

This collaboration is a big step for us at ByteRockers' Games. After 15 years of experience in the games industry, we are entering the world of publishing for the first time! We see this as a fantastic opportunity to develop as a company, expand our network and support forward-thinking projects. Diversification is the key, and with Spaceflowers we have found the right partner.

The experienced team from Nuremberg not only receives financial support and marketing power from us, but also comprehensive dev support. Together we can reach the full potential of "Let Them Trade" and take it to the next level.

Together with Spaceflower, we look forward to showing you more about "Let Them Trade" soon.

You can find "Let Them Trade" here on Steam: 

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