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Beat Slayer is OUT NOW!

Beat Slayer Logo

Our game Beat Slayer is finally out! 🎉

Almost 3 years have passed since we developed the first prototype of Beat Slayer.

We showcased the game at over 20 conventions, exhibitions and fairs all over the globe.

We got covered by several gaming news sites and streamers such as IGN and HandofBlood .

Despite hurdles such as the stealth release of "Hi-Fi Rush", we kept on going and turned that hurdle into a guidepost to a game that's different and unique.

Beat Slayer is not only the first rhythm-based hack n' slay roguelite, but also our most ambitious project to date!

We still can't believe that this moment has finally come.

Thanks to everyone who helped us along this way!

We're very proud to announce that you can get your very own copy of Beat Slayer on Steam now:

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