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A new place to catch your breath | Insurmountable DEVBLOG #10

Hey everybody. How's it going?

Welcome to another DEVBLOG! This time our focus is the story of the new update, a new character and the Design of the new Hub.

So, let's head out and see what we've done!

If you've been around for a while, you might remember what we told you about the story in DevBlog #7. Initially there was the idea to tell you a full plot that leads you through the game. It quickly became clear that a more restrained narration would allow the player to feel much more immersed in the story. This means that the player themselves experience the story, which is formed with their own impressions.

We wanted to hold on to this core idea in the new update as well. But we also wanted to expand the story further and bring it more to the forefront. Also, we wanted to do more than just go from mountain to mountain and climb it. Even a good climber needs a little break between their ascents. Not only to catch their breath, but also to plan their next step. The idea of a home base for the player was born.

In the beginning it looked like this:

It was important to us that you can interact with the gameplay elements in the base in an immersive way. The base should offer the possibility to convey story and give the possibility to process the events after climbing the mountain. This is the central point from which each mission starts, as well as a retreat after each adventure. It also offers deeper ways to strategize, advance your characters and prepare for each mission - soon we will have a separate DevBlog on mission preparation and character improvement.

To better integrate the base into the surrounding story and world, we looked to references and inspiration. Influences were, for example, modern research stations in polar regions or nuclear reactors from the 1970s. But a villain's lair also contributed to the design. A little less equipment and a few changes later, our first draft has evolved into a beautiful (if somewhat somber) retreat.

Our storytelling has always left a lot of room for interpretation. With the update, we wanted to incorporate a more developed plot into the story, which, however, still leaves room for speculation. In the course of the story, a mysterious stranger awaits you at the base, who will accompany you on your way. But we do not want to spoil too much :D

Alrighty, that's it for this week.

Thanks for reading our DevBlog. If you want to support us and be part of the community feel free to follow us on Twitter or join our Discord. There you can also send us your ideas, suggestions and wishes for the game.

We hope you can overcome the insurmountable in your life. Have a nice day!

The Insurmountable Development Team

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